Shelby Bolinger

Director of Content Marketing at Built In

Short bio

With years of professional experience, Shelby Bolinger is currently working as the Director of Content Marketing at Built In, a global platform for tech professionals. Some of her skills include community outreach, event planning, public relations, customer service, social media marketing, and more. 

Today, the needs of marketers and talent acquisition professionals are more aligned than ever before. And they need to be on each other’s side during times of uncertainty, especially when it comes to securing your CFO's buy-in.

Contribution to content marketing

Shelby believes that her years of professional experience have helped her develop communications, writing, critical thinking, and other essential skills that have contributed immensely to her success.

Brand impressions — positive and negative — are often made in times of duress. If you don’t add to the conversation, your audience will forget about you.

She is passionate about creating an impact for clients/companies while collaborating with a driven and dynamic team of focused, smart, and talented professionals. Before joining Built In, Shelby worked as the Social Media and PR Manager at Shiftgig, Senior Content Manager at Visibly, and Digital Marketing Specialist at NEC Display Solutions of America, Inc.

Articles and Interviews

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