Saurin Parikh

Director - Copy & Content at Tata Digital

With over 15 years of experience, Saurin Parikh is the Director - Copy and Content at Tata Digital. Saurin specializes in FinTech content marketing and is also an experienced journalist. Previously, he was on board with Paytm as the Assistant General Manager - Content Marketing. He has also worked with Razorpay, Economic Times, and smallcase. 

Content marketing journey

Saurin Parikh’s journey is an amalgamation of journalism and marketing. Saurin’s marketing career started in 2004 at an ad agency in Ahmedabad, where he worked as a copywriter. Soon after, he commenced his stint as a finance journalist, familiarizing himself with the nuances of finance, such as personal finance, mutual funds, taxes, etc. 

He transitioned into the content marketing space in 2016 and has worked as a marketer ever since. Currently, Saurin Parikh is the Director - Copy and Content at Tata Digital. In his previous roles, he has worked as Assistant General Manager - Content Marketing at Paytm and Senior Manager - Content Marketing at Razorpay. He attributes a big chunk of his successful career to the experience he gained during his time as a journalist. 

Challenges for content marketers

Saurin says that each piece of content is only as good as the team that creates it. Sharing insight into the life of a content marketer, he talks about the challenge of hiring a good content team. He also mentions how fairly common it is to get stuck after the sign-in or the top-of-the-funnel phase. Furthermore, retention of customers is another challenge that content marketers are often troubled with.

Distribution and measurement metrics in FinTech content marketing

Emphasizing the importance of distribution in content marketing, Saurin says that creation and distribution must be given equal attention. This is because, with good creators, the task of content generation can be fairly easy; however, distributing content to the right audience is where things might end up getting tricky. 

To counter this, Saurin recommends creating a carefully curated distribution strategy that takes elements such as platforms, content formats, etc., into consideration. According to Saurin, some measurement metrics in FinTech content marketing can include PR attention and the number of sign-ups and stories created. 

Content is created once but could be distributed in multiple formats. It is either going to be a real winner or a deal-breaker for most brands.

Tips to make B2B FinTech content marketing interesting

Saurin believes that there is plenty of room for experimentation in the FinTech content marketing space. Everyone loves a good story. Saurin acknowledges the potential of storytelling and how it can be utilized to make FinTech content interesting. 

From putting out customer stories to using trends, the right stories can reach a larger audience. He also highlights the importance of data and suggested using it to weave engaging stories that are backed with facts. 

I think the best way to not put out boring content is to use data and stories. Everybody likes a good story. So, there could be customer stories. It could be stories about the brand itself. There could be stories about how a particular event unfolded or data that everybody likes.

The future of content marketing

Saurin believes that there is no marketing without content, and the future will witness a heightened awareness of the importance of good content in marketing. He also says that marketing strategies in the future will focus on quality, customer experience, and building a community with the connection. 
Saurin emphasizes the importance of content having a unique selling point (USP). This will add value to the content and make it share-worthy, thereby improving reach. 

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