Rico Nasol

Head of Content at Outschool

Short bio

With over ten years of experience in the marketing industry, Rico Nasol is currently working as the Head of Content at Outschool, an innovative education platform. He specializes in areas such as content strategy, AB testing, creative direction, video content, image optimization, product management, team development, content writing, user experience, and SEO. 

In a world where there is data, and there are metrics everywhere, we can fall into analysis paralysis and fail to take action. We try to think of every potential outcome and make sure we account for everything. Stop doing that. Nothing that goes out has every outcome thought of. It’s much better to go out today at 60-70% confidence and learn quickly versus taking 2-3 more weeks or even months that won’t give any better data.

Contribution to content marketing

Rico is among the inventors of “Dynamically adjusting video merchandising to reflect user preferences.” He is also a Leadership and Personal Development Coach and helps entrepreneurs and executives strengthen their businesses while emerging as leaders in the industry. 

Teams want to be inspired and feel like their work is meaningful. Leadership training can be a great way to learn how to inspire and motivate your team.

He offers his services through his blog and YouTube channel. Rico has previously worked as a Content Team Senior Manager at Zappos.com, Global eCommerce Marketing Manager at Symantec, and Director of Creative Studio at Netflix. 

Articles and Interviews

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