Priya Patankar

Corporate Communications, PR at PhonePe

With over two decades of experience, Priya Patankar is the Head of PR, External, and Internal Communications at PhonePe. She also specializes in demand generation and content management. Previously, she worked as the CRM Communications & Messaging Strategy at Flipkart. Priya has also worked with companies such as Dr. Reddy’s, Alcatel-Lucent, and TutorVista Global Pvt Ltd. 

Some of her achievements are as follows:

  • PR & Corp Comm - Top 100 Influential Game Changers 2021 by Exchange4Media

  • Top 30 women in content marketing by Pepper Content

  • PRovoke Innovator 25 - Asia Pacific by Provoke Media

  • Powerful Influencers 2021 by Adgully

  • Women Achievers Award by Exchange4Media

The journey

Priya Patankar’s journey started with, where she worked for six months. Then she joined a telecom company where she was exposed to content marketing at a time when it was not popular. This role allowed her to experiment, make mistakes, learn from them, and hone her content marketing skills.

She then joined TutorVista, a remote position where her role was tied to demand generation. It was then that she realized the importance of result-oriented content. 

Experimenting with content formats

Priya recommends adopting the funnel-oriented approach to experiment with content formats. One of the primary steps towards this is identifying the audience and planning the formats accordingly. 

For instance, long-format content such as guides, blogs, etc. might be more appropriate for establishing first communication with the audience than short-format content such as infographics, gifs, etc. This will also help users better understand the product and compare and distinguish between every content format.

Channel affinity is vital because if a user is non-reactive to a mail, and you are still choosing to communicate with them over email, it’s a lost opportunity.

Driving inquisitiveness within the content team

Rome was neither built in a day nor was it built by someone single-handedly. A successful content marketing strategy can be created with channeled and well-collaborated efforts by all departments, including the content team because creative briefings are not the only place to gain insights into the marketing campaign and brainstorm. 

To keep the flame of curiosity and creativity in the content team, Priya recommends involving them in problem identification, decision-making, and every other procedure that contributes to developing, strengthening, and executing the content marketing strategy.

The future of content marketing

According to Priya, the future holds endless possibilities for the content marketing space. Brands are realizing the importance of localized content and its role in establishing a deeper connection with the target audience. 

Besides maximizing market reach, localizing can also help eliminate the scope for misinterpretation of the content, thereby boosting the brand’s image and credibility. Although the trend has already begun, the future will witness a steep rise in multilingual content in the form of vernacular blogs, podcasts, socials, etc

We have to steadily develop writers’ orientation towards data over time. But once you have it, it becomes fundamental to all types of content creation.

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