Phoebe Noce

Director of Content Marketing at Knotch

Short bio

Phoebe Noce is the Director of Content Marketing at Knotch. She is a journalist, a full-stack marketer, and a huge proponent of content and data. 

Phoebe has over 13 years of content experience, having started as a teaching assistant in magazine editing for the University of Missouri. She then interned as a marketer and worked with organizations like BuiltWorlds, FreightFriend, and others before joining Knotch. She currently leads content marketing at Knotch, a SaaS company that tracks the audience’s journey across marketing collaterals.  

Without your audience journey data, you're likely wasting money and time on all or parts of your campaign.

Contribution to content marketing

Phoebe has extensive startup, agency, consulting, and editorial experience across various genres, including food, SaaS, AEC, and logistics. 

She is passionate about writing and talking about customer journeys, marketing data, growth marketing, content marketing, and customer journeys.

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