Peep Laja

CEO at Wynter and Founder at CXL

Short bio

Peep Laja is the CEO of Wynter, which is a B2B message testing platform offering business feedback from their real target audience. He is also the founder of CXL - a marketing education platform. 

Peep has been a marketer since 2004 when he worked with AIESEC UAE. He founded Speero a conversion optimization marketing agency in 2011 of which he was a board member till 2019. 

Business success largely depends on your ability to talk to the target customers. If your messaging hits the mark, you're gonna win.

Contribution to content marketing

Peep is a passionate marketer. His entrepreneurial skills have seen him found and lead three companies, Speero - erstwhile CXL, Wynter and CXL. Each agency has a different goal targeting a different market segment. 

He is also a podcaster at How to Win.

Articles and Interviews

Podcast: Making the Jump to CEO

Interview: A Decade Long Career Pioneering CRO

Podcast: ChargeBee: Building Your Business Strategy

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