Pam Didner

Sales Enablement, Content Marketing Keynote Speaker, Relentless Pursuit

Pam Didner is the Sales Enablement and Content Marketing Keynote Speaker and Workshop Coach at Relentless Pursuit. She is also the founder and Vice President of Marketing at the company.

Pam has almost three decades of work experience. She started as an auditor with KPMG and then worked in Marketing with Intel for 14 years. She started Relentless Pursuit after that - a company that trains and guides clients on how to develop an audience, editorial planning, sales, and marketing. 

In digital marketing, B2B marketers can do so much to accelerate sales conversions. The key is to identify what marketing can do to increase sales velocity and what sales needs from marketing to close deals.

Content marketing journey

Pam Didner is a passionate B2B marketer, speaker, writer, and podcaster. She enjoys bridging the gap between marketing and technology toward the common goals of customer experience, sales, and marketing. Pam also offers mentor and consultation packages to work with senior marketing managers. 

Pam has written several books on marketing including, Effective Sales Enablement, Global Content Marketing, and The Modern AI Marketer. 


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