Olga Andrienko

VP - Brand Marketing, Semrush

Olga Andrienko is the Vice President of Brand Marketing at Semrush. She has over a decade of experience in brand building and management, demand generation, B2B and B2C marketing, and much more. She has also had over six years leading and growing a SaaS/B2B marketing team successfully. She has spent over nine years at Semrush and has grown from Head of Social Media to Vice President of Brand Marketing in that time. 

Seeing opportunities is a great skill that can potentially result in profitable business.

Content marketing journey

At Semrush, Olga is responsible for the company’s brand marketing and top-of-the-funnel activities in across the world. She manages PR and marketing support and has transformed the company’s brand strategy and communications. She launched a new brand identity that saw a growth of 35% YoY from the direct traffic channel. Under her leadership, the company also launched viral campaigns on social and reached an audience of over 32 million people, among other many achievements. 

Marketing a strong product is easy. Especially when you believe in it so passionately, as I did and still do now.

Olga loves change and challenges. She is a passionate leader who believes in nurturing her team. Olga has judged UK and EU Content Awards and US Social Media & Communication Awards. She was mentioned among the 25 most influential women in digital marketing by TopRank and has been quoted in Marketing Rebellion, Mark Schaefer’s best-selling book.


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