Mike Kaput

Chief Content Officer, Maicon

Mike Kaput is the Chief Content Office at Maicon - the Marketing AI Conference. He has over 13 years of experience as a journalist and content marketer. Mike started his career as an editor and journalist at Egypt Today magazine.

He then moved on to marketing and consulting and PR before moving to Marketing Artificial Intelligence Institute as the Director. 

Data is key to helping us determine which projects are successful, which strategies might require more of a budget, and which tactics we need to leave behind.

Content marketing journey

Mike is responsible for all the content marketing for the Marketing Artificial Intelligence Institute, which is a virtual educative and conference business on AI. The idea behind it is to make AI more accessible, approachable, and actionable to marketing leaders. He strategies the planning, development, and implementation of content using audience and demand as the crux to grow traffic and leads.

Mike has also written a book Bitcoin in Plain English: What It Is, Why It Matters and How to Buy It (Cryptocurrencies in Plain English Book 1). He writes for the Marketing AI Institute’s Blog as well as for HubSpot’s Blog. 

With evolving technology and our ability to capture data on prospects and customers, it's not shocking to think that AI-based personalization trend will grow stronger in the near future.


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