Michael Brenner

CEO, Marketing Insiders

Michael Brenner is a Content Marketing Agency CEO, CMO Influencer, and Former Marketing Leader. He is currently the CEO at Marketing Insiders - a CMI-listed agency that helps clients with their content marketing needs. 

Michael has over 28 years of experience starting with being a National Corporate Account Manager with The Nielson Company, where he grew over the nine years and left as the Global Director of Corporate Marketing. After that Michael joined ICR, FullTilt Solutions, and SAP - among others - where he worked in a leadership capacity before joining Marketing Insiders in 2015. 

Marketing has a marketing problem. Ask most people what they think “marketing” is and they will likely say “ads.” Yet most of us are trying to avoid ads in every aspect of our lives. I'm trying to change that!

Content marketing journey

Michael finds that thought leadership and content marketing beat the ROI of ads, hands down. He feels that marketing should attract the audience and be measured by looking at rankings in search. 

The formula for winning online today does not require a huge investment, In fact, it can cost less than a single ad in an industry trade publication. What we do costs less for a year than most of our client's ad budgets for one month - and we deliver more value.

Through his role at Marketing Insiders, Michael is positioned to offer content-building services and internal training. He is also a keynote speaker on storytelling, marketing, leadership, employee engagement, and customer experience. 

He is also the author of three books Mean People Suck: How Empathy Leads to Bigger Profits and a Better Life; The Content Formula; and Co-Author of Digital Marketing Growth Hacks.


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