Melissa Zehner

Founder, The Content Market

Melissa Zehner is the Founder of The Content Market, and provides fractional content leadership and strategy for startups and small businesses.. With over a decade of experience in building and scaling content marketing programs, she has donned many hats, including that of a copywriter, operations head, managing editor, and many more. 

Melissa is a member of the Forbes Communications Council and a pay equity advisor for 81cents - helping underrepresented workers achieve fair pay.

The easiest way to understand your customers is to talk to them. My team spends plenty of time talking with customers on social media and listening in on sales calls so we can gain insight into our customers’ biggest questions and challenges–and then we make sure to address those concerns throughout our messaging.

Content marketing journey

Melissa is a marketing leader with content creation and SEO as her specialties. She is also a career coach for the underserved. She is passionate about learning about business, wellness, finance, and creativity. 

Melissa’s efforts and hard work have paid off in the results she has brought to the companies she has worked with and in the form of awards. She was declared the Foundationite of the Month in July 2022 at Fountain. In her role at Lendio, she won the 2019 Lendion of the Year. And the Lendio blog won The Best Financial Blogs for Small Businesses by


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