Marianne Parkhill

Director of Content Marketing, Elsevier

Marianne Parkhill is the Director of Content Marketing at Elsevier. She has over 25 years of experience in products and marketing. She has been a marketing puzzle solver throughout her career and works to develop content strategies, SEO, content plans, promotion, and more. 

Marianne is a B2B marketing specialist and thrives on writing marketing, storytelling, distilling complicated tech products into easy value propositions, working in teams, and much more.

Content marketing journey

At Elsevier, Marianne is responsible for content and SEO strategy and content creation. She works with the digital marketing team to ensure the content taps the right audiences and engages them through SEO, organic and paid social media, PPC, etc.

In the past, she has worked with several tech solution companies including Plum Analytics, Parkhill Strategies, and many more.


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