Manu Prasad

Chief Marketing Officer at Scripbox

Manu Prasad is the Chief Marketing Officer at Scripbox. With over two decades of experience in marketing, Manu has worked with brands such as Urban Ladder, The Times of India, Myntra, Mid-Day, and GroupM. His skills range from crafting brand strategies to facilitating digital acquisition through marketing. 

The journey

Manu Prasad’s journey of content creation began almost 18 years ago, in 2003, when he started blogging. He proceeded to work with companies such as Wall Space, Mirror, and Times of India and realized how every piece of content was a product in itself. 

His journey in the fashion content industry began in 2011 when he joined Myntra. He then hopped into the furniture industry in 2014 with Urban Ladder. After gaining experience in content marketing in various niches, Manu joined the FinTech space with Scripbox. Currently, Manu is working as the Chief Marketing Officer at Scripbox.

Evolution of content

Manu believes that the right content will result in demand and lead generation. But just like everything else, content has also evolved. Some noteworthy changes include the shift in content distribution by news outlets, the emergence of subscription-based plans where audiences can access unique and exclusive content, decreased shelf life of content, the creation of modified content to match the decreased attention span among the audience, and so on. 

Functionality, freedom of choice, and the fleeting nature of the content are probably some of the things that have changed in the past few years

Opportunities in FinTech content marketing

Manu states that the FinTech industry has immense content marketing opportunities. From video games to platforms such as Discord, a variety of channels and other technological advancements are emerging, and markets can adapt and use these to their benefit. 

Furthermore, contextual and creative storytelling can be extremely advantageous as it can help the audience gain insight into a brand’s vision and values, thereby paving a path to building a deeper connection. Some metrics that can help measure marketing success include customer response and cost per view. 

These are the different aspects of content. We do not think about it in terms of pillars of content. It chains you into creating and writing content that may not be suitable for the customer. We look at it from a customer journey point of view.


According to Manu, the most common challenge in the FinTech content marketing space is getting the audience to be interested in the product. The decreasing attention span can make it difficult to market long-form content. The short shelf life of content often leaves little scope for repurposing, updating, and reusing content. Some other challenges include convincing, converting, and retaining customers. 

One of the biggest challenges for us is to make it interesting for you so that, you continue to listen to us and can make some sense of it. Let us start thinking about money differently.

The future of FinTech content marketing

Thanks to digitalization and advancements in AI, the future of FinTech content marketing looks promising. Manu believes that the future will witness digital transformation in personal finances. FinTech content will become more personalized and consumer decision-oriented. The content pushed out by marketers will emerge from a place of credibility, and money will no longer be a hushed-up topic.

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