Lisa Toner

Director of Content at HubSpot

Lisa Toner is the Director of Content at HubSpot, where she leads a team of content marketers to create engrossing content to be distributed across YouTube, HubSpot blog, podcast, courses, and ebooks.

She has over 15 years of experience in marketing. Lisa also has a history of volunteering for childline services, and she owns ETCH, a company that aims to empower and support children's and teenagers' mental health.

Lisa has bagged the following recognitions:

  • Social Leader of the Year 2020 by Irish Women's Awards

  • Most Influential Irish Marketer 2018 and 2019 by Design Wizard

  • Most Influential Woman in Inbound Marketing 2017 by TMT New

  • Excellence in Execution 2014 by HubSpot

  • Marketing Champion by HubSpot

  • The Golden Unicorn Award by HubSpot

The journey

Lisa Toner is a marketing specialist with over 15 years of experience. She currently works at HubSpot as the Director of Content, where she oversees content marketing and operations. She previously worked with NRG Health & Fitness, Ocean Fitness, and Plus Computer Solutions Ltd.

Lisa believes that a content marketer can be a writer but not every writer can be a content marketer. She is also the owner of ETCH, a company that empowers and encourages the mental health of children and teenagers.

Challenges in result-oriented content marketing

Talking about the challenges in result-oriented content marketing, Lisa finds that a lack of analytical skills in content creators can curb the success of content marketing to a great extent. Data-driven targets can end up getting quite overwhelming and put creativity at risk. Another challenge she mentions includes lowered morale due to low traffic. Furthermore, unprecedented changes in the Google ranking algorithm can also jeopardize marketing efforts. 

Another huge challenge that Lisa highlights is keeping up team members' morale. If despite all efforts, not much traffic is generated, it does affect morale. To overcome this, Lisa recommends revising one’s goals and updating them to reflect how they were achieved that day.

Team leaders must constantly reassure their writers that the goals achieved or not achieved is not a reflection of their execution or content quality. That message must be strong and communicated by the leadership to keep that morale high.

Tips for creating a mean marketing machine

Lisa suggests some excellent tips for creating a mean marketing machine. Addressing the issue of content duplication, she recommends maintaining a thorough editorial calendar and sharing it across the departments. Apart from keeping a track of each piece of content, this calendar can keep everyone informed and eliminate the risk of miscommunication. 

Lisa also talks about repurposing every piece of content into multiple formats and distributing it across different platforms. To keep up with present-day trends, Lisa suggests updating and improving the quality of preexisting content. 

I believe that a blog team is the most interesting part of any company. If we begin with content marketing, the blog is the first place to start.

Lessons for a successful marketing strategy

According to Lisa, creating a successful marketing strategy involves thorough comprehension of the buyer persona. This can help understand the target audience in and out, thereby enabling the formulation of effective content marketing strategies. 

Lisa encourages cross-collaboration among departments and says that independent or discrete team functioning can harm the marketing strategy, and silos must be avoided at all costs. Furthermore, ensuring that the customer comprehends the product should be a priority. Instead of pushing sales, emphasis must be placed on making the audience grasp the product’s value. 

One must have an ideal content persona in mind before beginning to create some new content.

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