Lindsay McGuire

Content Marketing Manager at Formstack

Lindsay McGuire is the Content Marketing Manager at Formstack, a workplace productivity platform where she leads content marketing operations. She is also an active photographer, writer, and former journalist. Lindsay hosts the Ripple Effect podcast at Formerstack. She also actively participates in volunteering activities to contribute to the solutions regarding issues at large. 

I think the podcast really plays well into defining what we’re talking about as a brand that can resonate whether you’re someone at a college, whether you’re someone at a hospital, whether you’re someone at a bank or credit union, or if you’re selling insurance, even. So really digging down into what each of these people is struggling with, even if it’s a different type of solution.

Content marketing journey

Lindsay commenced her career in the content industry as a blogger at MOVE Magazine in 2012. Over the years, she has worked as a Freelance Writer and Social Media Manager at College Gloss Mizzou, a Digital Content Developer at Redstone Federal Credit Union, and a Communications Specialist at United Way of Central Indiana. 

After she transitioned to SaaS content marketing from financial services marketing, she joined Formstack as a Digital Content SEO Specialist in 2018. Lindsay is involved in the creation of engaging content using various tactics and distribution channels. She is also the Board Member, 30th Anniversary Chair, and Marketing and Fundraising Chair at Indiana Recycling Coalition.

At its core, digital transformation is about making smart, well-thought changes that improve the overall efficiency and productivity of your organization. This can only be done well when you approach that change with a plan.


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