Kevin Indig

SEO Specialist

Kevin Indig is an SEO specialist with over 13 years of experience in marketing. He started off as a sales and marketing distribution intern and eventually grew in the field of SEO. He has worked with brands like Atlassian, Dailymotion, G2, and Shopify leading and directing their SEO teams.

He is also an Angel Investor in brands like Minicircle, Grain, Metadata and so on. 

Kevin is an official member of Forbes Communication Council and a Mentor for Growth at German Accelerator Inc. 

If a company can nail down personalized search results, it’s TikTok. No other platform has a comparable matching algorithm.

Content marketing journey

Throughout his career, Kevin has helped companies acquire +100M users through SEO in the last 10 years. He has built and led more than 20 people, and strong in-house SEO teams. He is also an international speaker at events like SMX, TTT Live, SEO Campixx, Tech SEO Boost, and many more. 

He writes articles, conducts podcast interviews, and puts up videos and presentations on his website. Kevin was also named a Top SEO expert in 2020 and 2021 by Search Engine Journal.

Your content needs to be fresh in the sense of something new and exciting. That’s becoming so much more important because there is so much more competition out there. So I would constantly think ‘How can I make this something that is memorable and that stands out?


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