Kevan Lee

VP - Marketing, Oyster

Kevan Lee is the Vice President of Marketing at HeyOyster - a global employment platform that enables companies across the world to hire people anywhere in the world. Kevan has over 21 years of experience as a writer and content marketer. He started his career as a sports reporter at the Idaho Press Tribune

His first marketing role was as a Senior Marketing Associate at The AIM Companies where he was the marketing copywriter. He then moved on to Vox Media as the Managing Editor, after which he spent 6 years at Buffer leading the marketing team.

Marketing leadership is strategy, team-building, brand, growth ... and also a fair amount of resource allocation.

Content marketing journey

Kevan is part of the founding members of the On Deck Marketing program, a continuous community for senior growth and marketing leaders. He is also a marketing advisor at Reforge where he helps them create courses and content for brand marketing.

At Oyster, Kevan oversees all marketing strategy and performance. In his first year alone at the company, his team saw 20x revenue growth, crossed 3M in monthly brand views, and expanded the marketing team to 50+. They earned a $1B+ valuation in less than two years.

You should spend as much time or more evaluating and evolving your firm’s business model(s) as you do worrying about new technologies.


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