Justin Simon

Content Marketing, Metadata.io

Justin Simon is the Senior Content Marketing Manager at Metadata.io- a platform that helps readers automate paid campaigns and drive more revenue. 

Justin has over 11 years of experience in content marketing - having started as a sales intern at TechSmith Corporation, where he gained experience and grew in knowledge and position where he was the Global Content Strategy Manager before he joined Metadata.io. 

Justin was also a writer at SideLion Report, DetroitLionsDraft.com, and SB Nation, where he wrote articles covering the NFL for the Detroit Lions and Pride of Detroit.

If your audience isn't engaged with your content, there must be something wrong with the format, right? Nope. You might just be using the wrong format for them.

Content marketing journey

Justin is adept at repurposing content for better results. He believes that companies create so much content that is never published and can repurpose and distribute it well and garner the attention it deserves while getting results in turn.

Today demand gen is all about building awareness, creating excitement, and gaining trust in whatever your company sells.

He also has a Content Repurposing Roadmap course that teaches professionals how to repurpose and distribute content within an hour.


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