Jess Cook

Head of Content, Marpipe

Jess Cook is the Head of Content at Marpipe - a platform that lets the user test ad concepts in front of a paid audience. Jess has over 15 years of experience in conceptualizing and creating campaigns for brands like Blue Cross, McDonald’s, and Rice Krispies among others. 

She started her career as a Traffic Intern at BBDO Detroit. Her first major content stint was with VML as the Associate Creative Director, where she was the lead creative for brands like Kellogg's and Kimberly Clark. She collaborated with partner agencies to create traditional brand campaigns through digital channels. She is currently responsible for all the content marketing functions at Marpipe. 

“Personal brand” is just a new-age name for reputation. Doing your job exceptionally well, going above and beyond, treating people with respect and kindness, having a point of view—essentially any action that builds a solid professional reputation does the very same for your personal brand.

Content marketing journey

Currently, Jenn is responsible for leading Marpipe’s content, customer, and partner marketing functions. She has already created a culture of content by empowering others to brainstorm. She has established an editorial strategy and has put in place a process to publish one post per week, which has already increased organic traffic by 58%. 

Jenn’s efforts have also helped increase organic social media following by 18% overall and her efforts in redesigning the website have seen a 30% increase in the site activity. 

While at Fastly, Jenn was given the award of Collaborator Extraordinaire at the Fastly Product & Marketing Power Player Awards 2021. During her stint at Biggs and Gilmore, she was selected as Employee of the Year at the 2009 Biggs|Gilmore Above & Beyond honors.


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