Jennifer Robustelli Jordan

Content Product, Creator and Tech Marketing Leader

Jennifer Robustelli Jordan is a content creator and tech marketing leader. She has over 16 years of work experience and found her calling in content when she was the marketing and social media coordinator for Conductor Inc in 2011. As the primary member of the content and research team, she brainstormed and edited content, coordinated event logistics, used marketing automation, and much more. 

Her last role was as VP and Global Head of Content at Babbel, which is a language-learning app. Here she led the global content teams in NYC and Berlin and published content in eight languages for the magazine, social media, YouTube, and much more.

Community and content are two sides of the same coin. The way your community talks about your company is your current brand, and content is the best tool you have to evolve that perception.

Content marketing journey

Jennifer’s general interests in public policy, creative storytelling, and internet culture have translated into her roles at the various SaaS startups she’s worked at. Her focus has always been on content and community, and they all meet at a common point with her experience in marketing, events, social media, and operation.

The type of relationship you can build (especially as a brand) with audio feels much more authentic and personal. You’re sharing a moment with this person during their commute or while they’re washing the dishes and you’re speaking directly to them — there’s very little distraction when compared to something like the video.

She is a speaker at several conferences and is going to be talking at the Content Marketing Institute’s upcoming annual conference in September. 


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