Jennifer Clark

Content Strategist, Zoom

Jennifer Clark is a content marketer, B2B communications specialist, and sales-driven storyteller. She has over 22 years of experience working in content - starting with her role as New Media Writer and Web Developer at IPIX Internet Pictures. 

Over time, her role in content grew multifold and her first stint as a Content Strategist was for ScanSource where she was responsible for all B2B Communications and content marketing strategies. She worked in several capacities for tech companies till November 2021 when she joined Zoom as a Content Strategist.

Content marketing journey

Jennifer has a background as a copywriter and content marketer in various genres including higher ed, enterprise IT, and B2B tech. She curates content to educate audiences and move buyers through the funnel. At Zoom, she writes and develops strategies to create thoughtful content for Zoom audiences around  UC, Phone, Contact Centers, and the brand’s virtual events platform.

She has worked extensively to bring to the fore various concepts of content marketing, tips on working on Zoom as a platform for community building, and much more. 


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