Ivana Ivanovic

Head of Content, Retool

Ivana Ivanovic is the Head of Content at Retool - a company that builds tools for other companies to develop better software faster. Ivana started her 27-year career as an interviewer/translator for the International Organization for Migration.

But her more concrete stint in content and marketing was when she joined Librato, where she managed the end-to-end content development process, revamped and managed the company blog, and achieved a 200% YoY increase in unique blog traffic.

Content marketing journey

Ivana is a content marketer extraordinaire and believes that her education and past experiences have shaped her into the marketer she is today. She believes in building deep, authentic content, without the need for fluff. She also finds that details matter - whether it is microcopy or website pages, she feels that the content must match the thoroughness of the product. 

Along with her regular blog on Retool, Ivana also contributes to various industry articles and podcasts.


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