Hector Anklesaria

Deputy Vice President of Tata Capital

With over 16 years of experience, Hector Anklesaria is the Deputy Vice President of Tata Capital and has had a flourishing career in finance. He is skilled in brand management, digital marketing, social media marketing, sales promotion, marketing research, etc. Previously, Hector has worked with companies such as Aegon Life, Reliance Health Insurance, TATA AIG Life Insurance, and Radio Mirchi. 

The journey

Hector Anklesaria’s career in the investment sector began with him selling concepts at a time when content was restricted to the physical world and there were internet issues, video content was expensive and much more. 

He then moved from big insurance to a small, digital-first company, where his 16 years' worth of experience and perceptions around content evolved. Hector has been associated with TATA Capital since 2019 and currently, he is the Deputy Vice President of Tata Capital. 

Tips for creating content for social media

Hector believes that every distribution platform plays an important role in creating content for social media. Therefore, content creation should be approached from a figuring mechanism. This can help customize content for each platform and create it with a specific strategy in mind. 

According to Hector, the cornerstone of content marketing should be the relevance of content and customization. All of the abovementioned tips should revolve around the industry of operation. 

Content has to be relevant. If it is relevant, it would be engaging.

Content philosophy of the finance industry

Hector says that the finance industry has come a long way, and when it comes to content philosophy, the emphasis is on maintaining a balance between the quality of content and the quantity produced.

Marketers should not focus on running after quantity and work on generating meaningful content to drive conversations and conversions. He advises keeping in mind the short and long-term goals of the brand when creating a content marketing strategy.

Future of content marketing

Hector believes that content marketing will grow at a large scale in the future, and the world will witness a significant rise in video content and influencer marketing. The relevance and importance of blogs and videos to add meaningful conversions will increase as well. In the short run, they will help mold the brand and in the long run, they will help build the community. 

The pandemic has catapulted the conversation on digital media in our world by a couple of years. Sensitivity, the ability to provide consumers with what they would need without stepping out of their houses.

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