Hannah Whalen

Senior Content Strategist, inSided

Hannah Whalen is the Senior Content Strategist at inSided. Her specialty is B2B content marketing and writing. She also focuses on digital marketing, SEO, video, and tech. Hannah has over 12 years of work experience of which she has spent 5 years honing her content skills. 

It began with her role as Writer/Acting Managing Editor at spoiled nyc, where she spearheaded newsletter production, managed email marketing, and much more. Hannah also owns a full-time business Whalen Media, where she freelances as a content marketing manager for tech companies.

Content marketing journey

Hannah specializes in B2B SaaS content marketing and digital strategy and has contributed to various publications including Forbes, The Hill, Search Engine Journal, Uscreen, and Single Grain

At her company, Whalen Media, she has been responsible for raising organic traffic by 24% in the first thirty days of working as a content marketing manager at a tech company. She also offers copywriting and marketing services along with email marketing campaigns, social media strategy, and much more. 


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