Gerry Spratt

Head of Content Marketing, Stripe

Gerry Spratt is the Head of Content Marketing at Stripe - a digital payment processing platform. He has over 15 years of experience in content. Calling himself a “recovering journalist,” his roots in content come from his first role as a copy editor at Santa Barbara News Press, after which he rose up the ranks to become a Sports Editor.

His role as a journalist continued till he joined NerdWallet as a Deputy Director of Content, where he eventually co-led a team of 80 editors and writers to create a consumer-first experience. 

Content marketing journey

Gerry has been instrumental in bringing his journalism experience to all his roles as a content specialist. Across his journey in content, he has built and led teams of reporters, editors, and writers. He is adept at building digital-first editorial philosophies for erstwhile traditional media and creating a consumer-first experience for tech companies. 

During his previous stint with NerdWallet, he was responsible for coordinating between the business unit and newsroom, while maintaining traditional journalistic integrity within the digital landscape of the company. 

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