Gail Marie

Head of Content, Sphere

Gail Marie is the Head of Content at Sphere, a professional learning infrastructure that empowers elite knowledge transfer. She has over 20 years of work experience and began her career as an Adjunct English Professor at North Central University, Minneapolis.

Soon she found herself as a writer and communications coordinator for Woodlands Hill Church. And her content career only grew from there. Today she has extensive experience in tech writing and has worked with brands like McKinney and Animalz. 

High-quality content starts with strategy, is managed through quality reviews, and ends with copy editing.

Content marketing journey

Gail is an expert in ensuring that companies have the people, systems, and processes in place to deliver the best content. During her three-year stint at Animalz, she created a scalable, repeatable process to deliver content of the highest standards. As a result, the company grew from 30-something to 130-something employees

Gail has extensive experience managing a team of editors, researchers, and copy editors to deliver compelling content to various firms that need them, including VC firms, B2B SaaS, and startups. 

She is a three-time SXSW speaker and advisory board member. SXSW is an annual event for global professionals to meet and network over topics like music, comedy, film screenings, exhibitions, professional development, and much more. 

The best writers are crazy curious people. They’re the people who turn the cereal box around and read the back.


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