Gail Axelrod

Director of Content, Whereby

Gail Axelrod is the Head of Content at Whereby. She started her marketing career in 2012 as an online marketing assistant and rose up the ranks to become the corporate communications manager at BetterCloud. Soon, she moved on to other tech platforms, including Drift, where she drove their content marketing programs. 

I think that if you feel like it’s a good article that provides value instead of something that’s stuffed with keywords or stuffed with links. Deep down, you know that kind of content isn’t what your audience wants, and it’s ultimately not what the search engines want either, so you’re doing yourself a disservice in two ways.

Content marketing journey

Gail’s experience in content marketing has spanned some of the top tech companies in the world. She believes that content is all about building up a network of contributors - this includes contributors who are talking about your subject and internal resources, a sort of authentic thought leadership from within your organization. 

The better content you produce, from a qualitative standpoint, the better quantitative numbers, in terms of the traffic they’re gonna get.

She has been a speaker for Inbound 2018 and has contributed to the creation of Whereby’s book, Better Meetings Every Time: The Secret to More Productive Meetings in a Digital World where global digital leaders from HubSpot, Drift, Asana and more weigh in with real-world tips on how to have fewer, better meetings in a remote-first world.


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