Evie Nagy

Content Marketing and Editorial Leader

Evie Nagy has over 21 years of experience in creating and managing content in various genres, including education, music, communications, and much more. Out of these, she has spent over 15 years creating narratives for business, technology, and creativity. 

Some of the brands that Evie has worked with include Billboard, Rolling Stone, Slack, and, much more recently, Rippling, among others. She is also a Peer Manuscript Reviewer for the University of Texas. 

Content marketing journey

Evie’s passion lies in creating content for every genre possible. She has authored Devo's Album Freedom of Choice, as part of Bloomsbury's 33 1/3 series. Evie has spent over 15 years working on narratives and leading high-growth companies' data-driven content and editorial teams. She is also a Member of Reforge professional education program for marketing, growth, and product professionals. 

Among her many contributions to content is her role as a member of the content and editorial team at Slack. Evie has been instrumental in helping establish the brand as a leading B2B voice in human collaboration and the future of work.


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