Erin Balsa

Founder and Chief Editor at Erin Balsa Marketing

Erin Balsa is currently Founder and Chief Editor at Erin Balsa Marketing. She has over ten years of experience in content marketing, writing, and editing. She specializes in creating marketing content for B2B SaaS companies and helps build their content teams. 

Erin started her career in content (she has worked in many varied roles before that) as the Assistant Editor at a media company called Providence Media. From there, she moved on to work at a content marketing agency that catapulted her into the world of content marketing. She set up Erin Balsa Content Marketing in 2012 and has looked back since. 

The editorial calendar comes AFTER the strategy. Pour the foundation, THEN build the house.

Content marketing journey

Erin has donned several hats over her decade-long career. She has built content teams at agencies, she’s worked as a fractional head of content, and has written for several companies, including HubSpot, Drift, G2, Greenhouse, and Metadata. 

Comparisons aren’t worth it because we all started the race from different starting points. The “winner” isn’t inherently better, and the “losers” might be happier. There are a million different ways to define success.

Today, she has her own company wherein she works to help SaaS companies like Intellum,, and Showpad, among others, build their content teams and content portfolio. Erin also builds advanced content marketing courses for in-house B2B marketers, freelance content writers, and agency owners.

Erin has been instrumental in increasing organic demo requests by 102% in a year. She also published a research report that drove $680k+ in revenue and launched a market category to secure a $50M Series A.


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