Erica Labovitz

Head of Marketing, Outschool

Erica Labovitz has over 15 years of leadership experience and has built high-performing teams in her career. She has immense Fortune 500 and pre-seed experience in organizations spanning industries including consumer products, health and wellness, entertainment, entrepreneurship, and more.

She is currently the Head of Marketing at Outschool - an innovative e-learning platform specializing in small-group online classrooms.

I’m all about getting the most out of your people and developing a strong culture, regardless of the type of organization.

Contribution to content marketing 

Erica focuses on a clear marketing strategy, attention to detail, and focus on consumer insights in her current role as Head of Marketing at Outschool. Her expertise includes product branding, positioning and messaging, platform operations and project management, employee development, and driving alignment and execution across multi-layered cross-functional teams.

She is also trained in multiple group facilitation methods, creating and executing sustainable strategic change, designing a learning environment, and designing knowledge creation and sharing systems.

Erica has a Master’s in Learning and Organizational Change. She worked at Indiegogo as one of the first employees and was responsible for helping the company reshape entrepreneurship with crowdfunding at the crux. Her immense experience in start-ups and unique industries shows in her work. She has also been a keen volunteer in various programs and is a board member of The Cheti Sponsorship Program.


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