Emily Dumas

Senior Content Marketing Manager, Evernote

Emily Dumas never intended to be a content marketer. She studied to be a journalist and completed her studies in communications and journalism. And she stumbled on content marketing when she started with traditional content marketing for companies like blogs and social media, discovering that she loved doing it!

Then she got into B2B tech, worked for hyper-growth companies, and got pulled deeper into content marketing. As a result, she has diverse experiences under her belt. Her role at Crayon involved content marketing, demand generation, website content, SEO, and working with sales. She also got exposed to competitive marketing and product intelligence.

At ZoomInfo, she was part of the product team and now, at Evernote, she is in charge of full tunnel content marketing across all platforms including SEO, blog, website, social media, and influencer campaigns.

Quality vs. quantity 

Emily feels that the quality vs. quantity debate is a double-edged sword, where, while content is always about testing new things, it has to be qualitative enough to help the user. Therefore, she believes that a mix of quality and quantity will result in a successful content marketing campaign. 

I’ve seen that putting out more content doesn't always increase revenue for the company. But putting out high-quality content can equal more revenue for the company. And revenue is a key KPI for content marketers. Find that sweet spot between quality and quality.

Content structures and outsourcing content

Currently, the Evernote content team includes Emily and her manager along with a social team, community team, and creative team, the latter comprising copywriters, copyeditors, and designers. They also take third-party help.

It's not always easy to scale at a fast pace with such a small team so external help is always beneficial as you grow.

The Evernote team outsources content and design services for short periods or just as extra support on a project, given that they are scaling their content and investing in new platforms. Emily finds that having extra content support - for both written and design content - is very beneficial for a company like Evernote. 

The ideal salesforce for content

In an ideal world, Emily would love to be able to access a platform that can provide her with SMEs to work on a project from the beginning to the end. The platform could have a search bar allowing professionals like Emily to search for terms like “writing” or “design” and find the right person for the job along with their profile.

Don’t overthink the projects you're working on. Brainstorm and dump your ideas on a page. Be confident, create what you need to, and put it out there without hesitation.

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