Emily Busse

Director of Communications at Loom

Emily Busse is the Director of Communications at Loom where she supervises the communications team. She is an experienced communication and PR practitioner and has previously worked with LaunchSquad. Being a former journalist, Emily has a background in writing, reporting, editing, and journalism. 

Hybrid work at its best eases work-life balance, enables greater autonomy over one’s time, and improves both productivity and morale. But without the right tools, processes, and leadership in place, hybrid work can exacerbate workplace challenges like burnout, cross-functional silos, loneliness, and toxic productivity.

Content marketing journey

Prior to Loom, Emily was the Vice President at LaunchSquad where she led the branding, content, and PR programs. She believes that every brand has a story and aims at incorporating them into her strategies and telling them to the world. 

Providing feedback at work is a critical ingredient for team development and productivity. Positive and constructive feedback helps individuals feel seen and facilitates their career growth.

Emily is a former journalist and has worked with companies such as The Daily Iowan and The Gazette. She was also among the panelists at the discussion event “Thinking About The Future: A Hybrid Work Model” by Fellow.


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