Diana Briceño

Head of Content at VEED.IO

Diana Briceño is the Head of Content at VEED.IO where she is responsible for the blog, video, audio, and other content for the company. She has over 12 years of experience in the field of content creation and marketing. Previously, she has worked with companies such as Luxury Big Island, JM Lexus, and The Snorkl.

Not all pieces are outlined the same. Shorter videos tend to follow a looser structure whereas I prefer making bullet points on a sticky note. Longer videos are more complex so I'll make a g-doc with talking points, edits, effects, and b-roll planning. I like to use a google doc to keep my video ideas structured and speech natural. If it's a YouTube video, make sure you plug in a few related keywords that shape out the chapters of your video. This will come in handy for your video SEO.

Content marketing journey

Diana was the first marketing hire at VEED.IO. Over a span of 8 months, Diana helped grow VEED’s blog by 1,366%. She also facilitated about 150+ monthly conversions and an increase in YouTube traffic from 0 to 8%. 

Be aware of what kind of content works on what particular platform. It’s easier to make a long-form video and then scale it down to bite-sized content on a smaller scale.

In her previous roles, Diana has worked as a Social Media Strategist at The Snorkl and Social and Digital Marketing Coordinator at JM Lexus. Diana was self-employed for over 5 years at Diana Gets Social, where she worked as a Freelance Content Marketer and Creator. 


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