Devin Reed

Content Strategy Advisor, The Reeder

Devin Reed has over 6 years of experience in SaaS sales. He commenced his career in the field of content and marketing in 2019 at Gong as a Content Strategy Manager. Over the years, Devin has successfully managed to secure a place in the market as a content strategy leader. He is currently self-employed and is the CEO and Content Strategy Advisor at The Reeder. 

Most B2B content fails because the marketers producing it don’t know more than their audience.

Content marketing journey

Devin Reed is a self-employed content strategy advisor and helps his clients accelerate growth by deploying effective content strategies for their content. Devin has previously worked at companies like Gong, Eventbrite, ON24, OneMob, and ClearSlide. 

He believes strongly in the potential of digital resources as they had a significant role to play in his transition from sales to content marketing. Therefore, he helps individuals enhance their knowledge in the field by providing a stream of resources such as digital courses, newsletters, and blogs. He is also an active speaker at events and podcasts. 

You can pay Big Analysts hundreds of thousands of dollars and then hope they say nice things about you. OR You can invest in your content strategy and get actual buyers to say nice things about you. One might lead to some credibility. The other will lead to an inbound pipeline.


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