Courtney Sembler

Director of HubSpot Academy at HubSpot

As a communications and content professional, Courtney Sembler is currently working as the Director of HubSpot Academy at HubSpot. She has been associated with HubSpot for over seven years now and is responsible for leading the team focused on crafting educational content. She is also a former photographer. 

Courtney brings with her an entrepreneurial mindset and proven experience in driving digital assets and designing virtual learning experiences. She is passionate about developing talent to bring global educational content to market.

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Content marketing journey

At HubSpot Academy, Courtney leads and supervises the team responsible for developing educational content and credentials for the HubSpot ecosystem. Previously, she also worked as a photographer and writer at The Odyssey.

Courtney is a frequent speaker at events and webinars such as:

  • Developing and Managing Educational Content at Scale | Webinar | Northpass x HubSpot

  • Customer Education: A Must-Have For Growth at Inbound 2021

  • Developing Modular-Based Content: Microlearning CONF

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