Colleen Jones

Founder and President of Content Science

Colleen Jones is the Founder and President of Content Science and has over 20 years of experience in the content and communications industry. As an advisor, she has helped various companies achieve their digital content goals. She has previously worked with companies such as Mailchimp, LinkedIn, and AT&T. 

If your company defined voice long ago, or never really did define it, chances are it doesn’t match who you are today. You might be bigger, more mature, focused on different customers or audiences…you get the idea. Just as our personalities evolve over time, so should our organizational voices.

Content marketing journey

Colleen is a Strategic Advisor for MyUTI and an Instructor at LinkedIn. She is a member of Mensa and a crusader against misinformation.

Various organizations have named Colleen among the Top 50 Most Influential Women in Content Marketing and the Top 50 Most Influential Content Strategists. She is also a frequent keynote speaker, author, and investor.

She wrote a highly-rated book titled The Content Advantage (Clout 2.0): The Science of Succeeding at Digital Business through Effective Content (Voices That Matter). Furthermore, she has led the patented content intelligence software - ContentWRX.

By synthesizing your analysis and developing descriptions, insights, and illustrative examples, you can gain information that is valuable in making strategic decisions about your content.


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