Cassandra King

Head of Content and Community at Superside

Cassandra King is the Head of Content and Community at Superside, a company offering design services. She has over eight years of marketing experience and specializes in areas such as demand generation, content marketing, audience and community building, and more.

Video is an emotionally impactful medium. With video, brands can communicate non-verbal cues like body language, facial expressions, and tone of voice in a way that blog posts or static images alone can’t offer. Video is a powerful retention tool.

Content marketing journey

At Superside, Cassandra supervises lead generation, content development, social media strategy, and more. She has experience in the creative/design tech and services industry and has previously worked as a Content Marketer and Producer at Content Crush, Content Marketer at Looka, and Content Marketing Manager at Fixel Photos Inc. She believes that storytelling can be an excellent way to connect with the target audience and should be incorporated into every content strategy.

An effective ad drives business results. Whether you’re looking to build brand awareness, generate leads or increase sales, an effective ad should help you achieve those goals – and a great ad will help you surpass them.


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