Brian Dean

CEO of Exploding Topics

With over 10 years of marketing experience, Brian Dean is the CEO of Exploding Topics, an Internet platform that helps find popular and trending content topics. He founded Backlinko and has previously worked as an SEO and Digital Marketing Consultant. His award-winning blog,, yielded an annual reach of over 5 million.

Data-driven content is BLOWING UP right now. And for a good reason: Content with data is a great way for your blog to stand out.

Content marketing journey

Brian Dean brings over 10 years of marketing experience to the table. He founded Backlink, which was acquired by Semrush in January 2022. He also co-founded Exploding Topics and is currently working as its Chief Executive Officer.

You really have to create legitimately great content and a legitimately great Website to rank in Google.

Publishers like, Inc Magazine, and Success Magazine have referred to Brian as an “SEO genius,” “brilliant entrepreneur,” and "the world’s foremost expert on search engine optimization," respectively. Along with his award-winning blog,, Brian has multiple resources online that has been helping marketers become subject matter expert in SEO. 

Some digital resources include:

  • Brian Dean’s YouTube channel.

  • The free online course at Semrush Academy is titled “Content-Led SEO with Brian Dean.”


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