Brendan Hufford

Founder of Growth Sprints

With over 10 years of experience in the marketing industry, Brendan Hufford is the Founder of Growth Sprints, where he helps SaaS companies boost their revenue through marketing. He also specializes in areas such as blogging, content marketing, demand generation, and more.

With a digital strategy in place, businesses can make sure their digitalization aligns with the company’s overall success. It keeps things on track and provides the company with a timeline and an end goal.

Contribution to content marketing

Brendan Hufford has over 10 years of experience in marketing and is the Founder of Growth Sprints. He is also the Founder and Community Lead at All In. Previously, he has worked as a Product Marketer at HappyMeer, Director of SEO at Directive, Growth Content Marketer at ActiveCampaign, and SEO Director at Clique Studios LLC.

Brendan has also published multiple resources such as:

  • SEO For The Rest Of Us newsletter

  • Authority on Autopilot - Link Building Masterclass

  • Brendan Hufford’s YouTube channel

  • SEO for the Rest of Us Podcast

  • Online Ranking Away 5-Day Challenge for SEO

Nailing the “search intent” perfectly will not only help you rank but also help people fall in love with your work once they discover you through Google.


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