Blake Emal

Director of Content at

With over ten years of experience in marketing, Blake Emal is currently working as the Director of Content at, and runs a strategic advisory company called Blake Emal, LLC. He specializes in areas such as growth marketing, marketing leadership, and audience building. He aims to help marketers and founders grow in the industry.

When you understand what differentiates web copy from print copy and blogs, its unique goals will become clearer. On a broad level, website copy encourages readers to convert—take an action that moves them through the sales process. Every element of a web page’s copy should contribute to that overall goal.

Content marketing journey

Before joining, Blake worked as an Account Strategist at Directive, Senior Manager of Demand Generation at Talkdesk, and Advisor of Marketing at Callin and Day One. Blake actively publishes resources on YouTube, Twitter, and more. He also teaches online courses such as "Transform your Twitter account into a thriving community on Float" and "Landing Page Mastery on Maven."

Good marketing is persuasion. Great marketing is clarity.


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