Bianca Galvez

Content Strategist at Vimeo

With over a decade of professional experience, Bianca Galvez works as the Content Strategist at Vimeo. She has previously worked with companies such as LivePerson, Onna, and Bizzabo. Bianca is also a writer, avid reader, and coffee enthusiast. 

To retain your customer base, it’s important to build strong relationships through transparent, empathetic, and personalized communications.

Content marketing journey

Bianca Galvez brings over a decade of marketing experience to the table. She currently works as the Content Strategist at Vimeo where she helps plan and execute effective content strategies to catalyze the marketing process. 

For businesses that are new to live streaming video content, the right content delivery network (CDN) configuration can positively impact your stream and help get your message across.

Bianca believes that strategizing content for brands calls for formulating the best content plan that can help brands meet their marketing, content, and other essential business and growth goals. Without an effective content strategy in place, the short and long-term goals of branding, sales, and much more can be affected. Bianca is also skilled in digital marketing, event planning, social media, project management, and recruiting. 


Bianca Galvez’s blog on Vimeo

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