Bernie Borges

Vice President of Global Content Marketing at iQor

Bernie Borges has over 30 years of B2B and B2C marketing and sales experience. He is currently working as the Vice President of Global Marketing at iQor, an outsourcing and offshore consulting company that provides technology-enabled and customer-engagement BPO solutions to companies. He is also a part-time marketing advisor to companies such as OneMob, Vengreso, and Digital Marketing at USF. 

It’s okay to experiment with your marketing efforts. I encourage it. But, acknowledge what is an experiment and limit it to about 10% of your efforts. Channel 90% of your efforts into those marketing tactics that create real, measurable, and relevant business results.

Content marketing journey

At iQor, Bernie leads and supervises the content marketing team to amplify the company’s brand by strategizing, planning, creating, and distributing content.

Over his three decades of marketing experience, Bernie Borges has helped various brands execute effective content marketing through methods of thought leadership, research, customer success management, etc. Bernie founded Find and Concert in 2002 where his team helped B2B clients boost their business results.

A terrific way to generate leads through content marketing is to email people in your network, ask them a few questions on a topic, and publish their responses in a blog post or e-book. Brand the content with a relevant CTA, and watch the leads flow in.

Bernie was the Vice President of Communications at American Marketing Association. He has authored Marketing 2.0, The LinkedIn Playbook for Enterprise Sales.

He also has an active presence in the podcast industry and some of his popular podcasts include “The Midlife Fulfilled Podcast” and “Modern Marketing Engine.” He was recognized among Cision’s Top 50 Content Marketers on Twitter, Marketing Insider’s 60 Best Marketing Speakers, and  Onalytica’s Top 100 AI Influencers


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