Benyamin Elias

Director of Growth Marketing at Podia

Benyamin Elias has over 10 years of experience in marketing. He commenced his career as a Market Research Interm at DeLevie Group Research in 2011 and is currently the Director of Growth Marketing at Podia, a company that provides creators with a platform to monetize their skills and knowledge. Previously, he has worked with companies such as CG Life, ActiveCampaign, and Top Score Inc.

There are only two stages of marketing: redoing your website and preparing to redo your website.

Content marketing journey

Benyamin has over 10 years of experience in the marketing industry. Over the years, he has gained skills such as copywriting, SEO, customer research, marketing automation, A/B testing, etc.

If you’re writing about things that people don’t care about, you can optimize your post all you want. Even if it manages to show up in Google, which is going to be harder, it’s not going to convert people, because they’re just not interested in that topic.

In his previous role as Director of Content and Growth Marketing at ActiveCampaign, he helped scale organic traffic and boosted conversion rates by supervising various teams such as content, customer marketing, SEO, etc.

A founder at Routine Excellence, as the Content Strategist at CG Life, he helped boost service and contact page traffic of science content and implemented marketing automation workflow. 


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