Anna Rubkiewicz

Content Writer & Content Strategist at Contentki

With over 7 years of experience in the content creation industry, Anna Rubkiewicz is a seasoned content marketer and strategist who also has over three years of experience in SaaS product management. 

She is a Content Writer & Content Strategist at Contentki, a content marketing agency providing services to B2B clients. Previously, she has worked with companies such as Survicate, UXPA International, and Netguru. 

While it might be tempting to ignore negative feedback, you should instead face it head-on—get a little comfortable with the uncomfortable. Because feedback from customers—the good and the bad—makes your service that much better. And you might even get a second chance to do right by the customers who didn’t enjoy their experience with your company.

Content marketing journey

As a content marketer, Anna Rubkiewicz has helped several B2B, B2C, and FMCG brands craft the ideal content strategy. Having worked in the content industry for over 7 years, Anna has gained significant knowledge and experience in the development and implementation of content strategies that are effective. 

Surveys are at the root of improving customer experience and business development, but they’re most effective when there’s a wide pool of survey respondents.

She co-founded an agency called Contentki that looks after the content marketing requirements of B2B clients. Contentki’s clientele includes brands such as Pento, LiveChat, Remote, etc. 

Anna strongly believes in the importance of user feedback in improving customer experience. Her roles as a UX Consultant at, Junior Project Manager at Netguru, and Product Manager at Spark Software Ltd. have allowed Anna to incorporate her product management and customer experience-enhancing skills into content marketing strategies. 


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