Anna Engel

Director of Brand and Content Marketing at McDonald's

Anna Engel has over 13 years of marketing experience under her belt. She is currently working as the Director of Brand and Content Marketing at McDonald's. She has previously worked with companies such as OMD USA, Real Racine, and Lammi Sports Management.

Content marketing journey

With over 13 years of experience in the field of marketing and content planning, Anna has previously worked as the Marketing and Special Events Intern at Real Racine and Sports Marketing Intern at Lammi Sports Management. She then moved to OMD USA where she worked as the Associate Media Director and strategized content for media marketing. She worked with clients such as Intel Corporate, McDonald's US, and State Farm.

Anna has won several awards across the span of her career including McDonald's Circle of Excellence Winner in 2018 and a Bronze Cannes Lions, 2015 Media Digital & Social.

As the Director of Brand and Content Marketing at McDonald's she manages the brand image and culture and oversees marketing campaigns and content strategies. She believes in incorporating creativity to solve business and consumer issues. Along with marketing products, Anna strives to market values to ensure that the company and brand stand out. 

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