Amy Beth Frye-Previs

Senior Content Marketing Manager at Convoy

With over 10 years of content marketing experience under her belt, Amy Beth Frye-Previs is currently working as the Senior Content Marketing Manager at Convoy, a digital freight network offering transportation, logistics, storage, and supply chain services.

Previously, Amy has worked with companies such as Hyatt Hotels Corporation, Coyote Logistics, and SMS Assist. When not curating content for brands, you can find Amy pursuing her passion for writing.

Content marketing journey

Amy Beth Frye-Previs has content marketing experience of over 10 years and is the Senior Content Marketing Manager at Convoy, a company that offers sustainable transportation services and solutions. She is responsible for the creation, distribution, and other vital content operations for the company. Over the years, she has helped multiple brands with content management, sales enablement, product marketing, and other marketing services through the release of case studies, guides, customer stories, etc.

Amy’s career in marketing began in 2012 when she started working as the Marketing Coordinator at Coyote Logistics, a global third-party logistics service provider, where she managed sales collateral, recruitment messaging, web content, storytelling, branded content, etc. After being promoted to Content and Social Media Manager, Amy supervised the content and social media program for Coyote Logistics. 

During her role as the Manager of Global Digital Content Strategy at Hyatt Hotels Corporation, Amy led the content strategy, marketing summits, and webinars across the globe. At Amy Beth Frye LLC, Amy's side hustle, she worked as a freelance writer and strategist where she offered her experience and skills to brands and helped them build a name and market their services. 

During her previous roles as an editor, Amy Beth Frye-Previs has worked with companies such as Groupon, The Chicago Collection Magazine, and XO Group Inc. 


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