Amy Walton

Head of Content at Screaming Frog

Amy Walton has several years of marketing and public relations experience under her belt and is currently working as the Head of Content at Screaming Frog, a website crawler that provides SEO site auditing tools. Before venturing into the field of content and PR, Amy worked with several companies such as Westminster Forum Projects, Mercedes Benz, and Saga Group Ltd.

To be successful, content marketers must know what they’re up against. It’s as simple as this: to make the news, you have to read the news.

Content marketing journey

Amy Walton may have commenced her professional career in arts but soon after joining Screaming Frog in 2017 as a PR Consultant, Amy’s interest in the PR industry piqued. Five years down the line, Amy is currently working as the Head of Content at Screaming Frog where she oversees content marketing and campaigns. 

I think a thick skin in PR comes with years of experience when you realize you can’t be in control of everything. Even if you have 100% confidence in a campaign, it can still flop or unperformed against what you expect. What matters is that you’ve tried everything you can as a team and don’t get demotivated by it.

Over the years, Amy has gained experience in B2C and B2B marketing in several niches such as lifestyle, fashion, health & fitness, etc. Her skill set includes event planning, PR, data analysis, marketing, SEO, and more. She works with her clients to generate PR activities from scratch, build awareness, get coverage, and influence audiences, along with the SEO team for better organic visibility of online activities.


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