Amy Henson Talus

Head of Content Design at Flaire

With over 7 years of experience under her belt, Amy Henson Talus is the Head of Content Design at Flaire where she supervises the brand, content design, and content strategy practices. She has gained her skills in marketing by working with brands such as Slalom, Microsoft, and Weber Shandwick. 

The biggest misconception of content design is that it’s just about writing really great prose. In reality, it’s about simplifying an overall narrative to the point that there are barely any words on the page at all.

Content marketing journey

Amy Henson Talus believes in crafting experiences through content. Her content marketing journey began in 2014 when she joined Weber Shandwick as a Content Strategist and developed content marketing strategies for B2B brands. 

At Flaire, Amy leads the brand studio and content design team to curate content that aligns with the brand voice. Previously, she worked as the Associate Creative Director at Slalom where she supervised several teams to design and redesign strategies and content for the brand.

All content designers should remember that, as a storyteller with a writing background, you bring a unique, valuable perspective. You have the power to bring deep empathy to your work to shape narratives, systems, frameworks, and entire products that result in better, more unified user experiences across all touch points. Don’t take that for granted. You’re more than just the words on a screen.

During her experience at Microsoft as a Content Experience Designer, Amy led UX content strategy to curate experience- and consumer-centric content, 3D and AR products, services, and features. She was part of the team that developed “3D in Windows 10,” the augmented reality viewer feature in Windows 10. Along with developing user personas and journeys, she also worked across marketing and localization of content for products.


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