Amanda Natividad

VP of Marketing at SparkToro

Amanda Natividad is the VP of Marketing at SparkToro, an audience research startup. Amanda has 9 years of marketing experience where she has led multiple marketing, growth, and B2B content programs for companies. 

Amanda is a former journalist and has worked as a Test Kitchen Cook & Freelance Writer at Los Angeles Times

In a time when content saturation is higher than ever before, you need to be value-driven. You need to continually win over your audience’s attention.

Content marketing journey

Amanda Natividad’s marketing career started at NatureBox as a Content Marketing & Communications Manager where she supervised the communication and content marketing strategy of the brand to meet the company’s voice. She also worked as the B2B Content Marketing Lead at Fitbit where she headed the launch of the Fitbit Health Blog and marketing strategy for Fitbit Health Solutions. She has also worked as the Head of Marketing at Liftopia and Growth Machine.

Content marketers have been trained to write blog posts under the guidance of a high-volume keyword strategy. After all, it makes sense to create content that people are already searching for. But all writers know that the ideas worth writing about are the undiscovered ones that challenge common sense — regardless of search volume.

Amanda also runs a marketing newsletter called The Menu where she shares her thoughts and insights about marketing and content and contributes to Adweek. She was also listed in the  Top 100 Content Marketers to Follow list by BuzzSumo in Oct 2021.


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