Alina Benny

SEO Growth Advisor, Figma

Alina Benny started her marketing career six years ago and soon found herself drawn to SEO. Her role as Head of Content SEO at Nextiva catapulted her further into the world of SEO, making her one of the foremost experts in the global SEO circuit. 

Today, Alina is the SEO Growth Advisor at Figma, a mentor at Yale and First Round, and writes thought leadership articles on CMI, G2, Drift, SEJ, and Ahrefs. She also speaks at conferences including INBOUND, AdWorld, Semrush, and MnSearch Summit. 

Whenever you say YES to low-quality content, you're also saying NO to high-quality traffic, users, and revenue in the future.

Content marketing journey

Alina shares all she knows about organic growth and content SEO on Twitter and on her LinkedIn Profile. For over three years, she was responsible for generating ~$43 million in ARR at Nextiva with organic SEO using a 100% inbound strategy.

Good morning to everyone except those websites that have CTAs that say “Get started” and let you do anything BUT get started.

Her expertise in B2B branding and copywriting to product marketing, SEO, and SaaS content marketing ensures that she is much sought after in the world of B2B content. As a speaker at several conferences, she is also a contributor to some of the top sites on content marketing. 

She prides herself on documentation and encourages her readers and followers to create time for it and make it a priority. She strongly believes this is the basis of smooth and sustainable content operations.


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